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Lay the Foundation for a Successful Progression to Grade School & Beyond

Because we understand that kindergarten is a critical time to lay the foundation for a successful progression to grade school and beyond, Westpark Daycare Centre is dedicated to offering high quality early education that leads to lasting cognitive and social benefits for your child. Our philosophy is based on a balanced approach between “child-centred” and “subject-centred/teacher-directed” curriculum. The underlying principles we touch upon are individualism, free play, self-development and a structured approach to core subjects in preparation for Grade 1.

Some of the prerequisites for a high quality education that we possess include:

  • Appropriate Early Learning Curriculum
  • The Selection, Training & Continuity of Staff
  • A High Staff-to-Children Ratio
  • A Partnership Role with Parents
  • Buildings & Equipment Specifically Designed for Early Learning

An Interactive, Stimulating Curriculum

Our centre exceeds these provisions in many ways. Specific programs we’ve implemented have included the “Your Baby Can Read®” Early Learning Development System, “Jolly Phonics” and the “Nipissing Development Program,” as well as music, library, yoga and emergent curriculum designed to engage your child in various stimulating activities.

Through our “Reading Readiness” program, your child will learn how to:

  • Recognize the Alphabet
  • Hold a Book Correctly
  • Track Words Left to Right
  • Determine Word Meanings
  • Make Story Predictions
  • Use Picture Clues
  • Recognize Both Upper & Lowercase Words
  • Correctly Say Each Letter’s Sound
  • Read from the Top to the Bottom
  • Identify the Front & Back of the Title Page
  • Identify Initial & Final Sounds in Words
  • Identify Settings, Key Events & Characters
  • Retell Stories in Correct Sequence

About Our JK/SK Classes

Our Junior Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten (JK/SK) teacher has been with us since 1989 and has over 30 years of experience as a grade school teacher, teaching JK and SK children. The classroom is bright, clean and well-equipped specifically for this age group featuring an ideal ratio of 1:10 (staff to children). Open communication between parents, teachers and management is highly encouraged for the benefit of our children. Furthermore, our children receive a hot nutritional meal for lunch, as well as morning and afternoon snacks. For added teaching support, the class is staffed by 2 qualified (ECE) Early Childhood Educators.

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