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Our "Learning Through Discovery" Program Promotes Extracurricular Play-and-Learn Activities

At Westpark Daycare Centre, our “Learning Through Discovery Program” is meant to provide extracurricular play-and-learn, “child-centred” activities suitable for all age groups. We emphasize that this room is to be employed strictly for the activities specified and within the generic description of each activity as described below. Furthermore, nothing is to be added or removed without receiving prior permission from our supervisor or assistant supervisor. This program is hosted in each classroom within a structured time table covering each activity as described below.

Our Typical Weekly Curriculum:

Monday – The Yoga & Music Centre

Yoga: Creating a balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility by performing age-appropriate poses/postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. Yoga benefits children in many ways by improving sleep, increasing body awareness, flexibility, gross motor skills and a better ability to concentrate, while also improving balance and coordination. It provides relaxation techniques and a form of stress management.

Music: General introduction to a variety of musical instruments, sounds, creative movements, singing, dancing and sorting out musical sounds. Children are natural musicians and research has shown that exposure to music during the early years enhances the learning process by promoting language development, creativity, coordination and social interaction.

Tuesday – The Math & Art Centre

Math: Play-based activities are a fun way to strengthen children’s ability to problem solve by using measurements, sorting shapes, graphing and counting objects.

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Art: Play-based activities promote group projects such as posters, imaginative projects relating to multiculturalism and the imaginative use of common everyday materials. These play-based activities are “child-centred” promoting individualism, free play and self-development.

Wednesday – The Stories/Reading/Poetry Centre

One of the greatest advantages of reading to children of any age is the opportunity for vocabulary development and to learn how to read. We choose our materials with care to make it fun and age-appropriate, surrounding the children with reading materials and never pressuring them. We make it fun with dramatic play, etc. All children have two wonderful resources for learning: imagination and curiosity. Our teachers awaken our children to the joy of learning by encouraging their imagination and curiosity. Storytelling is the basis for reading and writing.

Thursday – The Science Centre

Children develop a knowledge of science as they use a variety of materials to build and in problem solving. Children are naturally curious. There is nothing that you need to do to promote their wonder and fascination of the world. Their curiosity makes this the perfect time to answer questions and help them create an understanding of how the world works. Scientific knowledge is cumulative; to learn new things, you must build on what you already know. So, it’s important that a child start learning early.

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Friday – The Cooking Centre

Our staff is cognizant of your children’s allergy restrictions before embarking in cooking activities. Your child will roll-up their sleeves and get cooking some great recipes without using heat. We introduce healthy eating habits and foods while engaging children in the processing of different food products and in the use of non-threatening kitchen utensils. Cooking activities in early childhood curriculum promote social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development in children. The child learns to cooperate, to understand, to follow oral directions, basic counting, to compare and measure. Cooking also promotes physical hand/eye coordination skills.

Rules for Learning Through Discovery

We follow these rules when participating in "Learning Through Discovery":

  • We are punctual in respecting the schedule discovery program.
  • We put everything away upon completing the specified activities.
  • We are aware of your children's allergies (please provide this information to us).
  • The classroom is kept clean and well-organized at all times, as we keep the children focused on the scheduled daily curriculum.

The daily discovery program takes half an hour and is in addition to the play and learn curriculum.

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